Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Sebar Backlink 4] Canon Powershot A495 Reviews

I got Canon Powershot A495 as a secondary digital camera meant for more portability. It is very light and efficient and easy to carry around. It's got a nice look and can take photos up to 10Mpxl, as well as video. What I don't like about Powershot A495 is that it takes 2 AA batteries and sucks the life out of them really fast. Of course, you don't need to have the camera on all the time, and even if the battery is a little sapped you can still turn it off and on just to take your pictures.

But just be sure to always have some AA batteries around. The package does not come with a USB connector cable, which means that you will need to get one or get an SD card reader to transfer images to your computer. Not a big deal, but would have been nice. Also, the package does not include a case. Overall, it is a very good value, especially since I got it on an Amazon-sale for $49.

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